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Common Courtesy....Please make every attempt to treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated. 

These suggestions are for everyone's safety AND to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit to the Cove. 


Definition of a Princess Drop - Delicately dropping anchors AFTER tying up with other boats in the cove.

All size boats are welcome to raft up with us in the cove.  Stay as long as you want.  There is no minimum stay required.  Please remember to have dock lines (ropes to tie up with), anchors with anchor lines, and fenders/bumpers.  A back anchor is encouraged too.  Sometimes we may ask you to go stern to stern with someone and we'll show you what that means when you arrive.

If you join the front boat line, please drop your anchor at least 2 to 3 times your boats length in front of the boat line, let it hit bottom, then slowly back up to the boat line while letting out your anchor rope.  If you are solo, or new to the cove, one of us will be happy to jump on your boat and help.



Be aware it  is  being  enforced  

And no, this is not something a SIZE queen desires to wake up with!  A wake is a small wave caused by speed and motor of passing boat.  Please show courtesy to other boaters when approaching the Cove.  There are a lot of queens out there performing their synchronized swimming in the water.



Please do not extinguish cigarettes or dispose of trash in the lake.  We certainly would not like to swim in an ashtray or with garbage.  We want to keep the our cove clean.



Ensure that you have docklines (ropes to tie up with), anchors with anchor lines ( a must have as not to stress other anchored boats or their owners), and fenders/bumpers.



Please be on your best behaviour when visiting on another person's boat.  This is really important for three reasons:

1.  Most people do not realize the cost of all of the boats.  From the smallest to the biggest, these boats cost more than many of us make per year and are expensive to repair, clean, and insure.

2.  The boats are the Owner's weekend homes so treat them like you are a visitor at their house.

3.  If you don't act properly, you might not be invited back to that person's boat.  And, yes, if a boat owner wants you off their boat, you get off immediately.



As you can see from the site, we have some very talented photographers at the Cove and, unless you are sure that you want your picture taken with that salsa spurting out of your nose after a few too many, try to maintain your composure.  We all like to have a good time but want to be sure that no one is hurt or unable to get home.



Please keep in mind that the Cove is public property and that it is patrolled by the Department of Natural Resources, Forsyth County Sheriff's Department, Army Corp of Engineers, Gwinnett Sheriff's Department, Hall County Sheriff's Department, Dawson County Sheriff's Department, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

In addition, it is certain that some of the adjacent property owners would prefer that the Cove not be in THEIR cove, so be sure not to give them any ammunition (i.e. streaking, littering, unsafe boating, etc.) that they can photograph and use against us.

You Must Bring Your Own Lines...

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